Uniting to Free Artists from Student Debt

Ed.Arts is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization offering free services to help aspiring artists avoid, emerging artists manage, and committed artists achieve financial freedom from student loan debt.

"A student loan is a contract a hopeful eighteen year old artist signs freshman year that makes it possible for him or her to go to school for what they love. That contract should not be the reason they cannot pursue what they love after they graduate. Student loan providers are not going out of their way to communicate this to new student borrowers. WE ARE.

A donation to Ed.Arts ensures that high school artists gain awareness of all of the available options out there. It ensures that if they do have to go into debt for art school, they do it wisely, and know how to best manage it while pursuing a career in the arts.

A donation ensures that we can contribute directly to the student debt of artists who were caught in this trap at eighteen, but have graduated and for at least seven years, have continued pursuing their dreams despite the weight of their student debt.

By donating, you make it possible for artists to continue to better our world with their gifts." 
-Derrick Trumbly, Executive Director

Join us in our mission of unburdening these creative debtors by visiting our Donate page to become a recurring donor, and by joining our mailing list.